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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Terry MacAlmon - Releases

Instrumental Worship, Vol. 1 (Integrity, 1997)
  1. Sing hallelujah/ I hear angels
  2. Fairest Lord Jesus/ He is
  3. We worship You
  4. I sing praises
  5. You have been given
  6. Draw me nearer/ Draw me unto You
  7. O the glory of Your presence
  8. The Magnificent (Holy is His name)

Instrumental Worship, Vol. 2 (Integrity, 1998)
  1. Forever O Lord
  2. Be still my soul
  3. Draw from the well
  4. Glorious Lamb medley
  5. Salvation belongs to our God
  6. I want to go to Zion
  7. Jesus paid it all
  8. We worship You O Lord medley

Live Worship from the World Prayer Center (Integrity, 1999)

  1. This is the time
  2. Blessing and honor
  3. Holy are You, Lord
  4. For the Lord is holy
  5. You deserve the glory
  6. Even so
  7. What a friend I’ve found
  8. Agnus Dei
  9. I sing praises

I Came to Worship You (Integrity, 2002)

  1. The song of the Lord
  2. I came to worship You
  3. The Lord’s Prayer
  4. I love You
  5. Precious Lamb of God
  6. We worship You
  7. Heal me
  8. Worship prelude
  9. We glorify the Lamb
  10. Let Your glory fall
  11. I came to worship You (reprise)

Visit Us: Calling Down the Father's Glory (Integrity, 2003)
  1. Prelude
  2. Prepare Ye the way
  3. Spirit of the Lord
  4. Visit us
  5. Captivate my heart
  6. I hear Him
  7. There is One
  8. Fairest Lord Jesus
  9. How long
  10. Come Holy Spirit

For the Lord is Good –Video/ DVD (2003)
  1. He came to give life
  2. For the Lord is good
  3. Praise Him
  4. Dwelling places
  5. Holy are You Lord
  6. So beautiful
  7. Even so
  8. Shout to the Lord
  9. You are great (You deserve the glory)

The Sound of Heaven (INO records, 2004)

  1. For the Lord is good
  2. Here I am to worship
  3. I stand in awe
  4. The sound of heaven
  5. Dwelling places
  6. So beautiful
  7. The Lamb is worthy
  8. O the glory
  9. My God and King
  10. How we need the river

You're My Glory (INO records, 2005)
  1. Made me glad
  2. Turn your eyes upon Jesus
  3. Praise Him
  4. To see Your face
  5. Holy, holy, holy
  6. Come unto me
  7. In the presence of Jehovah
  8. You’re my glory
  9. I exalt Thee
  10. I surrender all, Lord

The Glory of His Presence (INO records, 2006)

  1. You deserve the glory
  2. I came to worship You
  3. Captivate my heart
  4. Holy are You, Lord
  5. We glorify the Lamb
  6. You’re my glory
  7. How long
  8. I surrender all, Lord
  9. How we need the river
  10. O the glory

Holy! (Maranatha Records, 2007) also available as DVD
  1. Prelude – For the Lord is holy
  2. Call to worship – Lord I live
  3. This is the time
  4. For You are holy (reprise)
  5. Holy are You, Lord
  6. Holy, holy, holy
  7. He will satisfy your soul
  8. Even so
  9. Worship medley
  10. You deserve the glory
  11. Love theme (A Wedding Song)

For the Bride (Maranatha Records, 2007)

  1. Let all the people worship
  2. Prepare the way
  3. Jesus, name above all names
  4. Spiritual Song I
  5. We were made to worship
  6. More than ever before
  7. Worship Interlude I
  8. We fall down
  9. I just want to praise You
  10. Exalt the Lord our God
  11. Spiritual Song II
  12. Agnus Dei
  13. How great is our God
  14. Worship Interlude II
  15. I will never let go

A Worshipful Christmas 
(Terry MacAlmon Music, 2010)
  1. A wonderful Christmas (Prelude)
  2. Our humble King
  3. Your name
  4. O holy night
  5. The Savior of the world
  6. Silent night
  7. Little Baby Boy
  8. O come all ye faithful/ I sing praises
  9. A worshipful Christmas (Full version)
  10. Bonus Track: Little Baby Boy (Instrumental Version)
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Timeless Praise, Instrumental Treasures from the past (Terry MacAlmon Music, 2011)
  1. The exodus song
  2. When I survey the wondrous cross
  3. holy Spirit Thou art welcome
  4. Just piano (12 song medley)
  5. Wonderful peace
  6. Tis so sweet/ Through it all
  7. It is well with my soul
  8. You are my peace (Bonus)
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