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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Robin Mark - Releases

Come heal this land
  1. Mulhaires, Traditional Irsh Reel"
  2. "Take Us To The River"
  3. "Glory To The Lord Our God"
  4. "No One Like You Lord"
  5. "In the Beauty Of Holiness"
  6. "Not By Might"
  7. "What The Lord Has Done In Me"
  8. "Behold The Son Of God"
  9. "Come Heal This Land"
  10. "Everything Cries Holy"
  11. "Lord Have Mercy"
  12. "Hallelujah"
  13. "Forever"
  14. "Ancient Words"

Revival in Belfast
  1. "Garments Of Praise"
  2. "Shout To The North"
  3. "Revival"
  4. "You're The Lion Of Judah"
  5. "With All Faith"
  6. "How Great Are You Lord"
  7. "There Is No Other Name"
  8. "Jesus, All For Jesus"
  9. "When It's All Been Said And Done"
  10. "Be Unto Your Name"
  11. "Days Of Elijah"
Revival in Belfast 2
  1. "Killavil"
  2. "I Heard The Sound Of Voices"
  3. "Kings And Nations"
  4. "Blessed Be Your Name"
  5. "Perfume"
  6. "Miracle In My Heart"
  7. "Some Kind Of Love"
  8. "My Song Is Love Unknown"
  9. "Soul's Desire"
  10. "There's A Cry"
  11. "O Jerusalem"
  12. "The Wonder Of Your Cross"
Revive: A Celebration in Belfast


  1. "Open The Eyes Of My Heart" (Paul Baloche)
  2. "Arise" (Don Moen)
  3. "Thank You Lord" (Don Moen)
  4. "Born To Worship" (Lenny LeBlanc)
  5. "I Am Free" (Jared Anderson)
  6. "God Is Good All The Time" (Don Moen)
  7. "I Will Sing" (Don Moen)
  8. "God Will Make A Way" (Don Moen)
  9. "Praise Adonai" (Paul Baloche)
  10. "Offering / You Are My King" (Paul Baloche)
  11. "We All Bow Down" (Lenny LeBlanc)
  12. "Amazed / O Lord You're Beautiful" (Jared Anderson)
  13. "Revival" (Robin Mark)
  1. "Let The Praises Ring" (Lincoln Brewster)
  2. "All to You" (Lincoln Brewster)
  3. "Another Hallelujah" (Lincoln Brewster)
  4. "Everybody Praise The Lord" (Lincoln Brewster)
  5. "I'm Crazy" (Lenny LeBlanc)
  6. "Beans & Rice" (Lenny LeBlanc)
  7. "All The Earth Will Sing Your Praises" (Paul Baloche)
  8. "Above All" (Paul Baloche and Lenny LeBlanc)
  9. "There Is None Like You" (Lenny LeBlanc)
  10. "The Beauty Of The Lord" (Jared Anderson)
  11. "Rescue / I Have Decided To Follow Jesus" (Jared Anderson)
  12. "The Wonder Of The Cross" (Robin Mark)
  13. "Jesus All For Jesus" (Robin Mark)
  14. "Days Of Elijah" (Robin Mark)
  15. "When It's All Been Said And Done" (Don Moen)
Year of Grace
  1. "Holy Is Our God"
  2. "Watchman"
  3. "There Is None Like You"
  4. "All Is Well"
  5. "Glory To Your Name"
  6. "The Year Of Grace"
  7. "Highly Exalted"
  8. "Some Trust In Chariots"
  9. "Greater Than One"
  10. "I Am Persuaded"
  11. "Rend The Heavens"
  12. "One Day"
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